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Buying a Condo

So you've decided to buy a condo in Victoria...

Condominium living is a popular option for many Canadians as it can be a relatively carefree housing option. Currently, in some parts of the country, one out of three new homes built is a condominium. Interest in condominiums tends to grow with a shortage of rental accommodation, relatively low mortgage interest rates, and urban core renewal. Most major newspapers now include a condominium section which recognizes the increasing number of people who already live in—or aspire to live in—a condominium.

This Guide of Condos in Victoria BC has been created to help you become an informed condominium buyer and to help you make the best choice. Please see the glossary at the end of the Guide for full definitions of some of the terms used in this guide.

The Guide will give you the basic background information you need to get started on the path to condominium ownership. It will identify important questions to ask—and the people you should be asking—before you make this important purchase.

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